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About Us

EO Waste Management provide a range of cost effective, convenient waste disposal and clear and clean solutions that are tailored to suit your specific requirements.

EO Waste Management are a leading independent national provider of sustainable waste management solutions across the UK. We deliver a fully compliant offering for all commercial, trade, confidential, hazardous, construction and clinical/medical waste, whilst delivering client-specific focussed efficiencies. With a combined experience of over 20 years, EO Wastes Environmental strategy is to focus on saving you money and time with an end-to-end waste processing service, managed and delivered entirely by our in-house skilled teams.

We also provide a rapid response, waste clearance service from a single item collection to a full site clearance. We are licensed to carry and dispose of all commercial waste streams and are Trading Standards Approved.

We deliver national coverage on all waste collections using the most advanced and up to date collections and waste treatment methods. Our pricing structures enable our clients to make significantly waste related costs savings.

Our service partners process all waste collected from all industries using the most effective, up to date recycling and recovery methods. We ensure the most economic, environmental and technical treatment methods are applied to all waste streams.

Working with our clients, we provide independent guidance and advice, and a site-specific approach to waste management. All waste collections are supported with relevant disposal documentation to ensure our clients fulfil their statutory Duty of Care obligations.

However, complex your specific requirements may seem we are ready and professionally equipped to ensure your waste management needs are met.

We can manage everything for you, taking full control of every aspect of your private, organisational or commercial recyclable and recoverable waste – ensuring at all times that everything collected is disposed of strictly in accordance with current legislation.


240 Litre Wheelie Bin 
Bin Dimensions: 
w 580mm x d 730mm x h 1080mm 
No. of bags: 2 – 4 
Weight: 10 – 20Kg 

360 Litre Wheelie Bin 
Bin Dimensions: 
w 610mm x d 880mm x h 1098mm 
No. of bags: 3 – 6 
Weight: 12 – 25Kg 

660 Litre Wheelie Bin 
Bin Dimensions: 
w 1370mm x d 775mm x h 1230mm 
No. of bags: 12 – 15 
Weight: 45Kg 

1100 Litre Wheelie Bin 
Bin Dimensions: 
w 1410mm x d 1110mm x h 1210mm 
No. of bags: 15 – 20 
Weight: 65Kg 

6100 Litre
Dimensions: w 1.8m x d 2.1m x h 2.0 
No. of Bags: 72 – 90 
Weight: 225 – 490Kg 

8000 Litre
Dimensions: w 1.8m x d 2.4m x 2.8m 
No. of Bags: 72 – 90 
Weight: 330 – 640Kg 

8 Yard
Dimensions: w 1.81m x d 3.25 x h 1.41 
No. of bags: 80 

10 Yard
Dimensions: w 1.81m x d 3.84 x h 1.50 
No. of bags: 100 

8 Yard Skip – 60 bags 
8 Yard Skip – 80 bags 
10 Yard Skip – 100 bags 

20 Yard – 220 bags 
40 Yard – 440 bags 


We understand the need to reduce the amount of food waste that is generated but appreciate that a certain amount will naturally need to be disposed of. We provide an effective solution to managing the disposal of your food waste in a compliant and hygienic way, that is both efficient and cost effective. 

Glass waste is generated across many commercial trades, particularly in the hospitality trade through the sale of food and drink. EO Waste Management can help with the recycling of glass waste to ensure you are working to reduce your carbon emissions, while keeping your commercial areas in a safe environment. 

EO Waste Management are here to help you manage your obligations. We can offer you a confidential waste service which will include the delivery of the confidential waste bags, collection, secure destruction and a certificate of destruction showing that you have disposed of the waste correctly, making you fully compliant. 

Confidential data stored on hard drives, disks, memory sticks etc are not a problem either as we can dispose of this correctly to so that you remain compliant. 

At EO Waste Management, we offer a comprehensive suite of hazardous waste services, enabling us to cater for and tailor services for a range of medical, educational, and care-based facilities. We offer clinical waste management services for:

• Hospitals and Surgeries
• Nursing homes
• Clinics and health centres
• Veterinary practices
• Schools
• Dental practices
• Commercial medical facilities

Other Services:

• House Clearances
• Loft Clearances
• Garage Clearances
• Shed Clearances
• Cellar Clearances
• Office Clearances
• All property types

• Green Waste
• Soil
• Garden Furniture
• BBQs
• Scrap Metal
• Decking & Fencing
• Paving Slabs & Bricks
• Rubble & Hardcore
• All Garden Waste

• Regular Waste Collection
• Wheelie Bin Solutions
• Clincial Waste
• Hazardous Waste
• Waste Audits
• Tradesmen Clearances
• Waste Contracts

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